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How will "Khaby Net", a blockchain-based social network from the Khaby Lame fan community, change the interaction between memes and humor lovers, art enthusiasts and content creators?

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the most popular social networks today, are centralized in the sense that there is one organization responsible for managing access to any content you upload or share privately or publicly on these platforms. This is the traditional approach, considered normal for many years.


The problems with access to Facebook, which occurred on October 4, 2021, only made matters worse.

What is the decentralized social network "Khaby Net"?

In short, it's an ecosystem in which all of the personal data and content you upload to the social network does not go through a master Server (or group of servers that are managed by a single organization). The personal data stays in the system and never leaves it without the source's knowledge and consent, and the uploaded content is stored and distributed through the P2P model.


Reward System. All centralized social networks have become popular and make billions of dollars thanks to their users who create content and promote these sites for nothing, that is, for free. Do such sites share the profits with their users? Of course not. Why would they if users do everything for free?


This approach is unfair because some people work and others become millionaires. The decentralized social network "Khaby Net", built on the blockchain Binance Smart Chain, will use a different model: each view, like, comment and other active actions of viewers will be monetized and bring profit to the content creator. Advertising can also be run, and it will bring profit to users.


All payments within the network will be made in $KHABY tokens, which can already be purchased on the decentralized PancakeSwap exchange. Khaby Lame Fan community believes that $KHABY tokens can rapidly grow in value, as, in their time, the shares of famous social networks.

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