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Khaby Lame fans opened the first art NFT Shop


After conquering social media by becoming the most followed italian in the world on Instagram and TikTok, Khaby Lame has decided to open his first official shop, Khaby Shop.

The official eCommerce was announced by the TikToker who added the link to the Instagram page and the website address of the online store in his bio.


The Khaby Shop Official Store is currently not yet available to the public. Its launching is scheduled for the end of August. On the site, which gives the possibility to those who connect to receive information by leaving their email, we read: “Sign up to be notified when we launch. Limited products in stock ". The other certain information, therefore, is that the production of each product is limited edition.


But exactly: what will Khaby's online store sell? To find out more about the online shop the manager of the TikTok king, Alessandro Riggio, told us: "The shop will sell products that solve problems and make your daily life easier". Not only sweatshirts and clothes, as many assumed, therefore, but also other objects that fans will be curious to discover and use.


Back in June 2021, the fans of the great comedian released $KHABY Fan Token on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain in support of their idol. Anyone can purchase a Khaby token on the PancakeSwap Dex exchange, for which it is enough to have a Metamask cryptocurrency wallet or a Trust Vallet.

Among the fans of Khaby Lame there are a lot of creative people who create Khaby Fan Art. Some works were posted on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain in the NTF feed of a non-fungible token, which can be purchased at the Khaby Shop on the JGN platform.

Khaby NFT shop is another opportunity for anyone to purchase rare Khaby artworks and hold them for future gains. The artworks are beautifully done, and it includes their history and description, thereby increasing the value and quality.

Tokens and NFTs are the future of wealth in the future. These digital assets are created by exceptional artists and then bought and kept by investors. Over time, when the supply is low and the demand is high, the price goes up, and so does the value.

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