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Khaby Lame and Will Smith, collaboration in sight: what they wrote on Instagram


Khabane Lame is the epitome of a hard-working influencer, who has come a long way from being a factory worker. Whether you use TikTok or not, we are sure you’ve come across Khabane Lame’s hilarious videos. Plastered all over social media, these videos feature Khaby’s hilarious expressions, making people go insane while laughing! Moreover, if that is not enough, he posts many life hack videos too, so you might just find the solution to the problem that has been driving you crazy!

Nowadays Khaby Lamé is ready to partner with many celebrities. American actor Will Smith is one of them, and it is no secret. The Italian neo-influencer's dream of working with his idol will soon come true, as the guy is planning a trip to the United States, where they are expected to appear together in a video. Meanwhile, Khaby Lame and Will Smith announced their first public interaction on social media on the Hollywood VIP page on Instagram.


This happened a few days ago, when Will Smith posted a photo on social media, announcing the release of his latest book. Khaby Lame commented on the photo, telling the actor that he had already got a job, and his interviewer enthusiastically responded by addressing his fan by name and making it clear that he knew who he was talking to. The interaction seems to confirm that they are indirectly agreeing on a joint project planned for this fall. This will be a video in which they will appear together.

Further details of Khaby plans in this regard are not disclosed, but such cooperation will only surprise to a certain point - and not just because the guy is becoming one of the most famous social figures in the world. First, Will Smith is not a newcomer to working with native digital artists, including Italians. In addition, Will Smith is a ticker, and indeed, he is one of the first celebrities of world importance to believe in the potential of the platform. Perhaps that is why he immediately won tens of millions of fans, getting into the top 10 most popular personalities of the program. His career in television, film and music was not enough to withstand the promotion of Khaby Lame on TikTok, which overtook him a few days ago, reaching the third most visited profile of all time.

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