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Born by chance, the Khaby phenomenon is suddenly exploded up to ousting the influencer and entrepreneur Gianluca Vacchi from the top of the ranking of the most followed TikTok accounts in Italy.

Khaby has become very famous all over the world on TikTok for his videos ironic, in which without saying a word and with only his expressions, he makes fun of the absurdities published by users.


The uniqueness of the social media influencer is obvious. Khaby is the sole creator from outside the United States that is in the top 10 most popular TikTok accounts. Khaby focused on universal materials and understood without words equally well around the world, aware of the language barrier. Thanks to his clips, Khaby validates and rejects absurd ideas, which in theory would help us, but in practice have become completely ineffective.

Khaby Lame career was increasing rather differently and unexpectedly way.


After losing his job he started to make videos on TikTok and to his great surprise with his simplicity and sympathy, trying a little out of boredom a little out of curiosity he became successful in his unique hobby.


Where many big video makers use high-quality cameras, intoxicating music, and carefully plan their lighting, Lame ditches those influencer trappings. His videos are often quiet and alluringly realistic. Instead of flexing ultra-smooth dance moves or entrancing transition skills, Lame frequently just sits in front of the camera. He doesn't bother to optimize the lighting, use colour filters or edit his videos at all, which lendsLame may become the most-followed creator of all time

According to the social analytics website SocialBlade, Lame's current follow rate is nearly eight times faster than D'Amelio's: he garnered 37 million new followers in the last 30 days, while the latter gained only five million new ones in the same period.


If his account continues to grow at this speed, Lame could pass D'Amelio and become the most popular TikToker of all time by mid-August.

People certainly seem to be enjoying Khaby Lame popularity rising and will be really happy if a digital creator who has had a meteoric rise on TikTok would launch its own training courses. Many aspiring bloggers would love to take courses from the king of TikTok and like Khaby to learn to mock the overproduced trends that happen across social media, whether it’s life hacks or other things.

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