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Especially for Telegram users who like bright and original stickers, as well as for all fans of the famous meme hero, Khaby Lame Fan Club has created a sticker-pack for Telegram, which is dedicated to the meme creation of Khaby Lame.

How do I add Telegram stickers?

To get a set of stickers, users of the messenger and social networks just go to the Telegram bot.


The new themed sticker pack for the Telegram messenger is a set of 13 stickers with the amazing Khaby Lame that will help you find a witty and original answer for any conversation. The stickers contain art images of Khaby, and they also play around with words somehow related to his TikTok videos. For example, the phrase "Be Simple," which has become one of the most popular in 2021.

TOP Khaby Lame Stickers

What are the Telegram stickers?

Modern man can't imagine life without communication, whether it is real or virtual. And if you are used to express your emotions with the help of emotions and want your emotions to be clear and understandable even outside the smartphone, Telegram stickers "Khaby" will help you!


Their content can be very different - emoticons and memes, short quotes from TikTok videos, which you can add to Telegram chat - with them everything is clear without words. All in all, with Telegram Khaby stickers you can say anything you want!

Why Telegram Stickers?

Well-known Telegram messenger is gaining in popularity. Why? There are many answers: a wide range of features, convenient communication by calls and messages, high-quality communication, the ability to blog, secure encryption, the ability to set your own avatar and set a cool nickname, and, of course, free stickers with Khaby Lame!


The updated Telegram for Android and IOS devices has sticker search support. Since the appearance of stickers in this messenger for several years, during which they have gained a lot of popularity, but the most popular are memes with Khaby Lame.


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