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Khaby Lame, the Italian king of TikTok


The fame of the "destroyer of life hacks" spread all over the world. Khaby notes that although he is often recognized on the streets of Italy, there are more foreign subscribers: the greatest popularity was achieved in the United States and Brazil (jerseys of the national teams of these countries often flash in commercials), as well as in Senegal, the blogger's home country. He himself runs his social networks in Italian and English, and there are also large fan pages in German, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese and other languages. 80 million people follow his Khaby00 account and he recently reached share 25 million on Instagram.

Khaby has become very famous all over the world on TikTok for his videos ironic, in which without saying a word and with only his expressions, he makes fun of the absurdities published by users.


Worldwide fame quickly made TikToker in demand among brands and other celebrities. In addition to advertising contracts (for example, with the Italian pasta manufacturer Barilla), Leym receives proposals for collaborations. He was contacted by blogger and actor Andrew Bachelor, better known as King Bach, and at the end of May Lame appeared at the Juventus stadium in Turin in the same box with the stars of the Italian national team. The day before, he had recorded a video in which he cuts an apple for former footballer and Juventus legend Alessandro Del Piero.

Unfortunately, Khaby Lame is unable to fully realize the commercial potential of his image - he is very much hampered by the lack of an Italian passport. He has repeatedly received invitations from the United States, but as a holder of a Senegalese passport, it is very difficult for him to obtain an American visa. The blogger is making significant efforts to obtain citizenship of a European country as soon as possible, but bureaucracy hampers everything.

In any case Khaby Lame already has thousands of followers with his efforts to show his success in TikTok on Instagram and continues to be popular in many parts of social media.


Khaby is active in TikTok and Instagram, but does not pay attention to Twitter and YouTube. It makes some difficulties for his fans to find something interesting in a great variety of complex social networks. People would like to choose the most convenient networks, and they even ready to create a new social network "KHABY".

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